Prayer and Praise List for May, 2018

Prayers of Thanksgiving:

  1. The Lord’s continued favor in both the Bahamas and the USA;
  2. Faithful prayer-warriors and supporters;
  3. Growing and nurturing our Core Group;
  4. The group of young people who have been sent by the Lord, especially for 3 young men who exhibit great potentials as pastoral leaders;
  5. The approval of our request for official Bahamian non-profit application on 3/28/18;
  6. The Lord has granted a more feasible home for worship and ministry – a room at the national stadium;
  7. His amazing timing in all that we face. The Sovereign Lord is showing us that He is always in control.

Prayers of Supplication:

  1. Those in authority over us, (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4; 1 Peter 2:13-17)
  2. A Spiritual Revival in New Providence and beyond;
  3. That the Lord would use CLPC as one of His catalysts for Gospel Transformation

Covenant Life Presbyterian Church, (CLPC)

  1. That the Lord will cause CLPC to become healthy, (healthy churches grow)
  2. That He would fill us with His Holy Spirit, (see Eph. 1:18-20; 3:14-19; 6:18-20);
  3. Grant us boldness to proclaim His Word to everyone, (see Colossians 4:2-4);
  4. Unity of will, mind, and purpose within the Core Team, (see Ephesians 4:1-16;              1 Peter 1:13-17, 22; 3:8-12);
  5. That the Lord would make CLPC more attractive to those to whom we share His vision for this nation, one community at a time;
  6. Grant us wisdom as we seek the right musicians, worship leader(s), and administrative staff;
  7. Grant us favor as we conduct prayer-walks and public evangelism;
  8. On May 21, we plan to co-labor with key members of the Yellow Elder Community community in feeding over 2,000 hot dogs, while hosting a time of celebration at a local park.
  9. Summer Short Term Mission trips, (a 6-week initiative to serve the youth in Yellow Elder, through Reading Literacy, VBS, and Sports/Recreation);
  10. Our radio ministry, Covenant Life
  11. Ministry-focus Area – Yellow Elder:
  12. The 4 schools in that community: students, parents, teachers, administration;
  13. Suitable ministry space within the community for ongoing ministry to youth and their parents of Yellow Elder;
  14. A Gospel-driven ministry to the widows, orphans, and indigent of Yellow Elder;
  15. The Lord’s peace (shalom), and the destruction of forces of evil at work there;
  16. God’s favor as we meet and co-labor with other key people in the community;
  17. Our marriage, (see Eph. 5:33; 1 Peter 3:1-7);
  18. Our children: Andrew/Stephaine in DC; Jason/Mindy, and Jamila in DFW; our grandchildren
  19. Our relatives: Christiana’ s father and mother are 99 and 90 years old, respectively;
  20. Our close friends, and neighbors;
  21. Christiana and my health: spiritual, emotional, physical

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