Bahamas Reformed Mission (BRM)

Christiana and I are so grateful to the Lord for the men who have committed to serve alongside us through the Bahamas Reformed Mission. Led by elders and deacons from PCPC, these 10 men represent brothers with whom we served faithfully together at PCPC. Six of these men are Ruling Elders, and the remaining four represent three Deacons, and a member of PCPC. Led by Mike McMahon, a Ruling Elder, the following brothers have committed a lot of their time, talents and treasures in collaborating to see the Lord transform lives – both in Nassau and in Dallas – through this mission. Those other RE’s are: Bob McCamey, Ed Jarrett, Tommie Bain, Houston Hunt, and Will Francis. The three deacons are Robert Rhea, Mike Cagle, and Mark Malone. My close friend and brother, Jeff Johnston rounds out the “10”. There are several Bahamians who reside in the Metroplex who have also pledged their undying support for this most crucial work in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.


This is a photo taken this past June of some of the men of BRM, and their wives.             From left to right: Jerry Gibson, (Sr. Director of Missions at PCPC), the Stodghills,           Bob and Becky, Julian and Christiana, Will and Sarah Jane, Robert, Mike and Linda,     Mark Malone, Ed and Susan, Connie Malone, and the Ifill’s.                                             Missing are: Houston, Tommie, Jeff, Mike Cagle.

What is the role of this collaboration? For starters, BRM has been welcomed and approved by MTW as a strong partnership which will assist MTW Bahamas’ Team Leader in “fleshing-out” our overall vision to identify, cultivate, and develop principal leadership among young Bahamians. The immediate strategy is to plant a flagship church – Covenant Life Presbyterian Church – that will become the facilitator and conveyor of this great vision. Jesus tells us that the Father is seeking people to worship Him, in Spirit and in truth, (see John 4:23). In this vein, BRM has committed to praying for MTW Bahamas, and lending spiritual support to the Russell’s, Stodghill’s and all future MTW missionaries who may join this team.
BRM will also serve in lending their gifts in the strategic planning and implementation of our vision and mission for the residents of the Bahamas. As a result of their influence and our many years of serving together, BRM is poised to assist Julian in helping to raise awareness, as well as the financial support of the work in the Bahamas. This group will hopefully grow to include some of Julian’s former co-laborers in Memphis, TN, as well as other churches which seek to support the propagation of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom to the residents of the Bahamas, through BRM.

If you would like to support this work, you can please make checks payable to:
Bahamas Covenant Life Presbyterian Church  and please write in memo our account number/project code: 92521.

Mail to: P.O. Box 2589, Suwanee, GA 30024-0982 or for online giving, please visit”.

Thank you, and God bless you!

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