Our Ministry Is Growing at CW Sawyer


CWS Breakfast 0917

Julian addresses the staff at a Prayer Breakfast, kicking off the new school year.

The Lord has given us much favor at CW Sawyer Elementary School, located in Yellow Elder Gardens, our ministry-focus area. This Fall semester has seen us welcomed with opened arms. The school has appropriated Mrs. Williamson to work directly with us. The need for increasing the reading literacy is very great. Mrs. Wiliamson and our team hit it off very well. She is excited about the possibilities, especially since she has seen some improvement in the 9 students with whom our team served last semester.

Our team is comprised of Christiana, Karen and John Stodghill, and Antoan Richardson. (I show up every now and then when my schedule allows). We are there every Tuesday and Thursday to work directly with those students who are further behind in their reading. By the Lord’s grace, we’ve been able to recruit Antoan, a young Bahamian and  former Major League baseball player. Thanks be to God for Kristin Guzak, a young lady from Frisco, TX. She has been with us since early October is with us until early November.  Kristin has taken a gap-semester from Texas A&M.

Antoan at a station

Antoan Richardson works one-on-one with one of the students.

We are constantly recruiting more local residents to become involved in this most needed ministry to the Yellow Elder community. We’ve been able to get more people involved. Pray that we could attract at least 7 more volunteers to accompany us.

Group Char Day

From left: Mrs. Bastian, Guidance Counselor; Julian; Antoan; Christiana; Ms. Brown, Spanish Teacher; Mellany Zonicle; Sonia Bostwick-Williamson; Karen and John; Mrs. Miller, Guidance Counselor.

The school’s principal has agreed to give us our own area. We now have our own classroom where we have arranged for “centers”. It was so exciting to witness the students’ excitement as we were painting the new room. Some of the joined in and helped us. You could see their infectious pride.

Christiana has taught at the elementary level for over 43 years, both in the Bahamas and the USA – and it shows. Pray for her as she plans to add an extra day to her busy week. She has agreed to demonstrate the use of centers in teaching Pre-K students. The school is very excited. Pray for us as we strive to work more closely with the parents. We recently spoke to their PTA meetings, and met with some parents about how our team is poised to work with their students on an ongoing basis. We are trusting that the Lord would raise up “oaks of righteousness” from these young, impressionable students.

Chris Karen Julian

Karen and Julian observe Christiana reading to a group of students at our Reading Station.

Here are some opportunities which the Lord has given us at CW Sawyer already:

a. We hosted a prayer breakfast for teachers and staff;
b. On September 13, w addressed 8 classes on Character Day; the topic – Gratitude
c. We’ve been given more support and responsibility in helping the students achieve greater literacy;
d. Last semester we had 9 students, now we’ve been granted 25.
e. We’ve been given our own classroom to be used a model for more innovative teaching-learning methods, and we’ve remodeled that room for the Lord’s glory;
f. We prayerfully and pastorally serve the teachers and staff at CW Sawyer.

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