Request for Skilled Laborers

Christiana and I have renovated our house to accommodate short term teams. We are almost completed but thought that we could invite others to help us with some small projects. We are seeking skilled laborers who could help us with completing some work at our house, (mission house). If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at 214-678-9420. Or you could email us at

To date, we have the following outstanding projects:

a. Build storage shed, 14 X 8, (concrete floor, and wooden shed);
b. Tile floor that’s roughly 140 square feet;
c. Build storage cabinet for use as an extra pantry;
d. Install water tank, filtration system, and pump to help increase water pressure;
e. Build patio deck, (roughly 300 square feet);
f. Paint walkway, driveway, and touch-up on exterior of house;
g. Build wooden privacy fence, (approximately 60 feet);
h. Landscaping projects.

The Russell’s will provide all of the materials.
We will also provide food, lodging, and transportation.

So if this is something that you could see yourself doing, pray about is, and again, contact me at 214-678-9420.  Or at With the right help, this work could take us less than one week to complete.

Thanks for your consideration, and support.

Julian and Christiana

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