Julian and Christiana Russell Prayer Requests: July, 2017


  1. For all who continue to support us prayerfully, and financially;
  2. For our family and friends who have faithfully come alongside us;
  3. For spending time with our son and daughter, Andrew & Jamila, here in Nassau;
  4. God’s peace in the midst of our great transition;
  5. The numerous people we meet with and share the Lord’s vision;



  1. That Covenant Life radio broadcast would become a fruitful means to recruit Workers and Worshippers for our new church plant;
  2. The Lord’s favor as we sow “Gospel seeds” on all types of “soil”, especially those on “good ground”;
  3. The completion of all application processes in establishing a new church in the Bahamas;
  4. That the Lord will provide the necessary funding to rent/purchase office and/or, meeting space;
  5. The Lord’s guidance as we seek to recruit musicians, workers, and volunteers for our current and future ministry;
  6. For our Summer Reading Camp ministry at CW Sawyer – that the Lord would encourage students and parents to develop their love for reading, especially reading the Bible;
  7. A Bible/Sports camp in Yellow Elder, led by Potomac Hills PC, (July 18 -22);
  8. That the Lord would grant us continued favor with the residents of Yellow Elder;
  9. For our weekly Bible Study on Ephesians – that the Lord will add more people to our small group;
  10. That He would give us favor as we seek out Bahamian families who will be willing to take this journey with us as a core group;
  11. For wisdom and discernment, as we meet people we have not seen in decades.


Our Children:

  1. That the Lord would provide many “brothers and sisters” for them, in DC, and in Dallas;
  2. That each of them and their families would experience God’s unfathomable blessings;
  3. Their total protection while they each continue to sojourn in the USA.


MTW Bahamas:

  1. That the Lord would lead our current team here in the Bahamas;
  2. That He would send the people whom He wants to come alongside us;
  3. The approval of our request for a Project Code from MTW;
  4. For the formation of the board of directors for Bahamas Reformed Mission (BRM);



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