Prayer Requests

– That the Lord will lead us in organizing a solid and committed core group
– Growth of Weekly Bible Study began March 26, 2017
– The teachers, parents, and students at CW Sawyer elementary school
– The 3rd grade students we serve
– The Lord’s favor with men and women as we meet with, share our faith and
vision, and invite others to participate in this new work
– Upcoming meetings with a local community group of over 500 members
– The strengthening of our mission team
– That each of us will long to abide in Christ each day
– Covenant Life radio ministry – that the Lord will provide the funding to formally
host interested listeners.

– That the Lord will strengthen our marriage each day
– That our children will experience God’s rich blessings in their own families
– Jason is still looking for meaning employment
– Jason and Mindy as they await the “coming one”
– Jamila is also praying about “next steps”
– Andrew and Stephanie as they raise 4 young, wonderful children
– (I praise the Lord for the privilege of baptizing all of our grandchildren. The latest
Was baby Elijah this past March in Washington, DC)

The Bahamas:                                                                                           –  A peaceful general elections on May 10
– That God would raise up His choice for a “healthy” Bahamas
– Revival in the land!

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