We’re In!

PTL! Friday, March 3, was the first time we slept in our own bed since last November. Words cannot describe the sense of peace we felt as we rested our weary heads on our own pillows. Having thanked the Lord for bringing us to the close of that day, Christiana and I drifted off into a peaceful sleep. We’re finally in our own house!

Since our arrival in Nassau, we spent more than 8 weeks watching masons, plumbers, electricians, tile-layers, carpenters, painters and sheet-rock workers. At times it felt like we were “watching paint dry” – it seemed so slow. Mind you, even though the work is not 100% completed, we were able to move in, and begin unpacking our “stuff”.

We are so grateful to the Lord for His bounteous care. He sent us some very cooperative workers – people who sensed that we urgently needed to be in our own house. Further, they had become aware that the Russells’ were hosting 8 young men from Baylor University. So, together with our new team mates – John and Karen Stodghill, and MTW’s Mark and Faith Thompson, they all chipped in and offered us a big hand.

Troy Dixon and his friends from Zeta Ziga Zamma, at Baylor University, needed a place to stay. In God’s good providence, we needed “beta-testers”, and more importantly, strong young men who could lift and work hard. And if that wasn’t enough – the Lord also sent us 17 young men and women from RUF at UNC-Wilmington. We can’t help but mention our family members who gave up so much of their time to help us  – our siblings, our nephews, and other friends who want us settled and established in our new place of ministry. The work that those “gifts from God” gave us is priceless.

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