Latest Prayer Requests

Here are some requests that you can petition our Father on our behalf:

Gratitude to the Lord for sparing the lives of so many in Nassau, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew;
The continued peace and safety of so many who have undergone such great catastrophe;
The peaceful restoration of homes and properties by residents in the Bahamas, especially those in New Providence, Andros, and Grand Bahama;
The right buyer, at the right price, and at the right time in selling our house in Dallas;
Strength and wisdom for completing all the packing and shipping that are needed;
The completion of the renovations of our house in Nassau;
The Lord would increase our sphere of influence in the Bahamas;
Covenant Life radio ministry in the Bahamas;
That the Lord would make His vision for the Bahamas plain to more people;
That the Lord would honor the plans of the Bahamas Project;
That He would increase our partnerships throughout the USA;
Our Children: Andrew and Stephanie in Washington, D.C.; Jason and Mindy in Dallas, and for Jamila in her new role in teaching at a new school.

Michael, (Julian’s brother), remains in the hospital. Pray for his spiritual and physical healing.

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