Christiana’s Books

Christiana has been teaching children for over 40 years now. Interestingly for me (Julian), she has accumulated evidences of her long tenure at that vocation – books upon books, upon books! In her new role as a missionary to the Bahamas, Christiana has committed to using her gifts and skills in helping to raise the reading levels of every child she serves. As a matter of fact, Christiana, in her own words, wants “to put a book in the hands of at least 300 children”. And that’s the first year.

Christiana has identified 7 libraries that she would love to support by supplying great books for the children in the Bahamas, beginning in Nassau. “I want to encourage students from Pre-K levels to high school to enjoy reading”, she beams. Christiana plans to begin her “book ministry” by working very closely with principals, administrators, teachers, students, and parents in the ministry focus areas.

Christiana and I have noticed that there is a great need for more reading and research materials in many schools. Since reading is so fundamental to learning, she wants to continue to stimulate the imaginations of young learners, especially those in the Bahamas. Christiana’s experience in this area has made her become more passionate in her pursuit to see how reading could have such a positive impact on students at all levels.

In Memphis, Christiana worked very closely with students who had failed in the public school system. She witnessed how these same students advanced at accelerated rates in their reading and learning processes. By God’s grace, eight failing students were transformed into motivated readers, learners, and model students, in one year!

In Dallas, Christiana tested and evaluated more than 150 students at Voice of Hope. On “reading nights”, we witnessed a great increase in parental involvement as their children would entertain audiences of mote than 75 persons at a time. The entertainment? Reading, recitals, and skits.

Both Christiana and I believe that the Lord will use her time, talents, and treasury of many years of teaching in the Bahamas and the USA. We long to see young students become excited about reading, especially their Bibles. Will you prayerfully seek how you could support Christiana’s Book Ministry. If you are interested in helping this specific ministry, please feel free to contact Christiana at “”. She’d be delighted to give more details as to how you could become involved in this life transforming ministry.

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