MTW Process

“I have the greatest respect for how MTW screens its potential long-term missionaries.” That was my opening line as I walked into Jerry’s office one day after returning from “Launch”.  Launch is the second step of a five-step process for Christiana and me, before we leave for the field. Our first, and most important hurdle was “Readiness Evaluation” (REV). This was a nmost ey-opening experience. There we learned that we had been observed and were evaluated, and were approved as MTW missionaries. Haven been approved, we had to attend “Launch”, where we learned best practices on how to raise supporters, and support.

Once we would have demonstrated that we could raise support, we were then invited to “Living In Grace” (LIG). At that conference, we met with other missi0naries, as well as “care leaders”, and were challenged to appropriate the Lord’s grace, especially while on the mission field. Our biggest take-away was a deeper recognition of the sin of idolatry in allof our lives. Sadly, every human being has inherited this gross sin-pattern from our natural father, Adam. The only solution is found in our belief in, and appropriation of the Gospel of Grace. One facilitator admonished us that the “enemy pours Miracle-Gro on your sins” when you arrive on the field. Sobering! Humbling!

The next leg of the journey for Chris and me is “CCMI”. This is a month-long training in cross-cultural intelligence (CQ), away from our “comfortable” life together. (In case you haven’t noticed, Christiana and I have been cross-cultural since 1994 – Bahamians serving in the PCA; and we still have a lot more to learn). What excites us is that both she and I are life-long learners. And we look forward to discovering more about ourselves, and the world to which the Lord has called us to serve. I’m reminded how globalization has removed many physical barriers.

The final step before we leave for the mission field, (which is late December of this year), is “Team Leader Training” (TLT). As MTW team leaders for the Bahamas, Christiana and I would be meeting with our peers in the Central American and Caribbean regions. We were fortunate to spend a week on the mountain with Michael and Tricia Lee, and look forward to spending more time with brothers and sisters who have travelled a lot further in the MTW journey in extending our Lord’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

Thank you so much for your financial support. Without it, our journey would have stalled a long time ago. We appreciate your partnership, and look forward to pursuing the shalom of the cityof Nassau, as well as the entire Bahamas..

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