Covenant Life Radio Ministry

It has been over one year since we begun broadcasting  “Covenant Life”, a radio ministry of yours truly. This 15-minute broadcast is designed to reconnect Christiana and me to the general population of the Bahamas. It is also designed to communicate the Doctrines of Grace in a winsome way.

On my return flight from Nassau to Dallas last year December, I sat next to a young Bahamian lady and introduced myself. After a few minutes, she recognized me, and informed me that she was an acquaintence of one of my sisters. After some more conversation, she blurted out, “You’re Julian Russell! I listen to you every Sunday!” To say that I was glad to hear her remarks was an understatement. I tried to remain cool and calm; but deep down, I was celebrating. “Thank you, Lord! People are listening!”

Covenant Life is aired on ZNS Bahamas, (”), every Wednesday morning at 4:45 EST, and on Peace FM, (”), every Sunday morning at 7:45 EST. If you cannot access those sites, try listening through “Tunein” on your I-phones, or computers.

On talking with representatives from both stations, I have learned that people are really listening. Both persons informed me that if they ever experience a technical difficuly, the phones begin to ring. Pray that the Lord would use this radio ministry to evangelize, and to galvanize listeners into becoming worshippers.

Each week, we will highlight a different sermon. Stay tuned.

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